Boost Your Business
With Low-Cost, Easy-To-Use Mini-Plans

Like, for example:

  • prices raised by 37.5% (without worrying customers) - Lisle Combe, St Lawrence
  • advertising costs cut by 87% (but not scaring suppliers) - Bate Brand, Ryde
  • more sales: 10 times more (with the same marketing costs) - Biffa, Newport

Faster, easier and more tuned to your priorities...

Better Business
...practical 'how-to' answers

for busy owner-managers on the sunny Isle of Wight!


...having a big pile of practical strategies – as many as you want –
aimed at Reducing Costs, Raising Prices and/or Selling More,
to work on at your own pace, which are all: 

  • aimed at your priorities
  • under your control
  • easy to work with
  • quick to implement
  • very cheap to use
  • low-risk to use
  • all guaranteed five different ways

set out in a regular series of stress-free discussions to plan how they can best build on each other, joining forces like compound interest for you.


Guaranteed Five Ways
.....1. Professional Guarantee
.....2. Unique-to-You Guarantee
.....3. Direct Debit Guarantee
.....4. Easy Stop Guarantee
.....5. Money-Back Guarantee

My aim is always to do as much as I can to boost your business.
More details here.

Practical strategies to boost your business. 

Previous clients - all local:

ifpl - Island Waste - Strainstall - Coastline Windows - Biffa - Spinlock - Wightlink Performance In People - BAe - Southern Vectis - Sandham Office Supplies - Beardsall Stationery Supplies - Wight Digital Solutions - Wight Fire & Security - Javelin Express - Lisle Combe B&B - WightFibre - Bebeccino - Bate Brand Communications - Adaptive Engineering Solutions - Arc Consulting - Big Barn Media - Hillbans Pest Control

“It was really exciting”
“Dave is truly amazing at this”
“extremely valuable coaching”
“would recommend Dave to any business owner!”
“has definitely helped us focus”

“I now know exactly what we need to do”
“invaluable to our growing business”
“Can’t thank him enough!”
“Great value for money!”

“reliable, enthusiastic, easy to get hold of




Who does this service suit best?

I've found it is local business owner-managers who are:

  • expert in their product or service
  • determined to improve their business and
  • enthusiastic about learning new ways to do that.

The size of your business does not matter - I work with founders and sole traders through to companies with 20+ employees.
Your situation need not bring any problems. I am really flexible - I can help for 2 to 3 hours, 2 to 3 months or 2 to 3 years...


I've asked my more recent clients if they would be willing to answer questions about my service over the phone to anyone considering trying me.
They all said “Yes!”.
So if you meet me and you're not sure, ask who you could call up for a reference.


We Can Boost Your Profits

"Learning is essential for survival; learning faster is vital for success."

Few Business Owners get training in how to run a business before they start.

Most people get into business and aim to learn on the job.
But all too soon they are totally immersed in running the business.
So taking time to research methods of improving it can seem too far out of reach.

Regular support, tailored to your chosen priorities, provided in the best format for you:  easier than DIY reading, more relevant than classroom training.

Unlike 'do it for you' outsource services, our selection and discussion of these business-boosting tools is 'done with you'.
That keeps you in control and helps you use these methods again later.

What I do - At A Glance

What I do - At A Glance

What do you want to achieve?

Higher prices...
Less complaints, less returns, less stress, less expense, less tax...
More customers, more enquiries, more sales, more word-of-mouth, more spend, more referrals, more recommendations, more re-orders, more fans, more loyalty, more productivity, more revenue, more time, more ideas, more fun, more likes, more profits...

because I help them:

  • Develop more services
  • Move upmarket
  • Open more branches

People I work with:

  • Make more money
  • Keep more money
  • Win awards!

A first DIY reading list:

Could You Double Your Profits In A Year?:
Dave Simon, 2016.
How To Double Your Profits In Six Months Or Less:
Brian Kaskavalciyan, 2012.
Double Your Profits:
Jay Arthur, 2008.
How To Double Your Profits Within A Year: 
John Fenton, 1999.
Double Your Profits: In Six Months or Less:
Bob Fifer, 1995.
1000 Ways To Increase Your Sales:
Alfred Tack, 1954







Fascinating Quotes:

"All These Famous Entrepreneurs Said Good Things About Mentoring Advice and Support"


Government research found: 
“78% of SMEs that have used a mentor say it benefited them”.