How Can I Boost My Business?


You want your business to make a profit that you can save for a rainy day, invest in new people or machines, or use to reduce loans.

88% of UK small businesses agree they could make more profits than they do.

“Double profits is much easier than double sales!”

417 really easy ways to increase profits - waiting for you

with 5 guarantees, easy terms, and a bit of fun!

Dave Simon

Dave Simon

  • Plans are based on your priorities - to make sure they are relevant to real-life.

  • Support lasts as long as you want - a year, quarter, month, week, day, or half-day.

  • Everything works together - to help you boost your business as much as possible.

FIVE GUARANTEES protect you and fees are spread out by Direct Debit

Our first meeting is always free of charge and implies no further commitment.

Double-Your-Profits Consultancy provides answers for the areas you want to improve.

In parallel, MORE!consulting works with similar answers but in a different format:
improving every step of your Client Attracting Pathway
to help you gain more enquiries, more clients and more returning clients.


Business Boosting Guides (free downloads):

“Why Your Own Ambition Is Vital For Boosting Your Business”

"Action - How To Boost Your Business Cheaply, Quickly and Easily"

“How To Get the Best Advice To Help Boost Your Business” 
with Special Offer: Free Audit - 'Your Hidden Opportunities'

Business Boosting Support brings you:

  • Higher prices, easier price rises, quicker price rises, better acceptance...

  • Fewer complaints, reduced returns, less stress, less expense, less tax...

  • More customers, more enquiries, more sales, more word-of-mouth, more spend, more referrals, more recommendations, more re-orders, more fans, more loyalty, more productivity, more revenue, more time, more fun, more likes, more profit at the end of the day.

Previous clients:

ifpl - Island Waste - Strainstall - Coastline Windows - Biffa - Spinlock - Wightlink - Performance In People - BAe - Southern Vectis - Sandham Office Supplies - Beardsall Stationery Supplies - Wight Digital Solutions - Wight Fire & Security - Javelin Express - Lisle Combe B&B - WightFibre - Bebeccino - Bate Brand Communications - Adaptive Engineering Solutions - Arc Consulting - Big Barn Media - Hillbans Pest Control


“It was really exciting”
“Dave is truly amazing at this”
“extremely valuable coaching”

“has definitely helped us focus”
“recommend to any business owner!”

“I now know exactly what we need to do”
“invaluable to our growing business”
“Can’t thank him enough!”
“Great value for money!”

“reliable, enthusiastic, easy to get hold of”


Fascinating Facts:

Government research found: 

"78% of SMEs that have used a mentor say it benefited them",

"33% achieved good outcomes faster", and

"43% achieved better outcomes than they would have otherwise" - usually within a year, and most often within six months.

('Demand for Mentoring Among SMEs', Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills)

Fascinating Quotes:

"All These Famous Entrepreneurs Said Good Things
About Mentoring Advice and Support"

Fascinating Books:
Could You Double Your Profits In A Year?: Dave Simon, 2016.

How To Double Your Profits In Six Months Or Less: Brian Kaskavalciyan, 2012.

Double Your Profits: Jay Arthur, 2008.

How To Double Your Profits Within A Year: John Fenton, 1999.

Double Your Profits: In Six Months or Less: Bob Fifer, 1995.

1000 Ways To Increase Your Sales: Alfred Tack, 1954

Fascinating People:

Owner-managers of local businesses talk to Dave Simon about their experience.