Which Question Lurks At The Back Of Your Mind?

In business, we are supposed to be organised, rational and decisive. But we also have intuition, worries and inspirations. Should we ignore them? 

Most of us have thoughts that pop into our minds. But sometimes a question seems to hang around longer than you would expect. This is the subconscious telling us something important – but not necessarily urgent.

These questions can be very useful for your longer term plans. Here are a few such questions and a few fairly obvious thoughts about them.

Could I Start A Successful Business?

You may be in a job at the moment, frustrated by the way things are done, wanting to get out and 'do your thing'. But the doubts hold you back – what if it goes wrong? Well the answer to that is – if it seems to be going off track, change what you're doing fast.

While there is no guarantee, there is help. Coaching and mentoring services will help you think through the challenge/opportunity, plan and prepare for launch and adjust things as you learn how your chosen market responds to your offers.

Could I Balance My Business For Life?

Many people start a business and then find it more stressful than they expected. That doesn't mean they want to give up, but they would like to improve it. But here's the trap – usually they are too busy juggling through an overly-long day to find ways to move forwards.

Consultancy support can suggest relevant strategies much quicker than you can find them through research after work – and that can change your direction overnight.

Could I Double My Profits In A Year?

Publicly, you might say your business is doing fine, but actually you would like more profit coming through it. That extra money could pay off a loan earlier, help your next big marketing push, pay for new staff to get new products out... and more.

Focussed support can bring you profit-doubling strategies gathered from street and the board-room. It takes less effort than you might imagine because the cumulative effect of using many small strategies builds like compound interest.

Could I Scale-Up My Business To Double The Size?

Some business owners hide a longing to build their business up to a whole new level. There is a 'better safe than sorry' place that catches you once you've started up and got things running smoothly. 'Stick to the knitting, don't rock the boat...' and so on.

But what if you could? Using an independent opinion can help you see through the woods for the trees to consider new directions, strategies, skills and so on before committing yourself.

Could I Double My Results On Exit From My Business?

The majority of business-builders don't find it easy to let go of their creations. It's like parenthood, but often lasts longer. But we don't get lessons in letting go...

Professional advice is to start planning early – probably sooner than you think! A good range is three to five years ahead, but it can be well worth starting to ask for advice now. You may not need to do much yet, but getting your plan sorted can simplify things greatly from now on.


Advice for Answers

Entrepreneurs want to be independent. It's part of the DNA – the need to keep control. Independence at all costs may be a bad idea though. A temporary accelerator can be a huge help.

External support – coaching, mentoring, consultancy – is proven to help. Research published by the Federation of Small Businesses recently suggested that 70% of entrepreneurs with mentors survive in business for at least five years, that's twice the number who don’t have that support.

When HM Government asked SME business owners who have actually used support, they found two areas of benefit: achieving good outcomes faster, and gaining better outcomes than they would have done otherwise.

That question lurking in your head says you haven't found answers yet. So how about getting the question out into the open and go window-shopping for support?

PS That's another question...

(Published on LinkedIn, 10/2/16)