"Start Small And Often!"

I started small.

My husband was at work, I had young children and we needed more money.

I put my sewing skills to work. I bought my first sewing machine with £33 my granny left me.

I took in clothes to do repairs and alterations for neighbours. Word spread and soon I was doing quite a lot. Then I started to provide alterations for local tailors. It all got so successful, I had to make a change...

“The Challenge Was Exciting, But...”

I started my business with confidence in my profession as a solicitor, but as a first-time business owner. The challenge was exciting, but the responsibility was heavy. I really wanted it to succeed.

I'd had enough of big law firms. That was the obvious career choice, but I hated it.

I set myself to learn everything! And then I started to do everything.

As I got more and more busy, I couldn't keep up. I needed to get help.