"Go Into Partnership"

The best decision I made was to go into partnership. 

In 28 years, Geoff Reynolds and I never had a cross word. He was the truck driver and I was the digger driver. Between us we thought we could do OK.

Geoff had the persistence to keep searching for money to buy our first digger. I would have given up well before he did. And in the end we went with the bank that offered us a seat before they said 'No' ...

"Simple Suggestions Make A Big Difference"

The lamb would have died.
Our lambing assistant spent 15 minutes halfway through the night, helping it. Clearing its airways of gunk, encouraging its breathing, and settling it down with mum. Fully revived, it seemed to do OK. And two years later, it's about to have twins!

The farm has been in the family for six generations, so thousands of lambs have been born here. And lambing is still done much as it was for the first ones.

The best decision I ever made seems a very small one...