Business-boosting strategy advice for busy owner-managers.

Guidance that gives you regular unique-to-you strategy meetings to boost your chosen priorities
and then gets out of your way so you can enjoy the results.  

Skills plus strategy plus systems gives you better business.

Imagine your own business-booster: 


1. plenty of easy-to-use new answers, each making small steps,

2. aimed at Cutting Costs, Raising Prices and/or Selling More,

3. to work on at your own pace, which are all: 

  • aimed at your priorities - which we will explore when we meet

  • under your control - you choose which plans to use when

  • quick to start - we could be working within days

  • easy to work with - written explanations and verbal discussions

  • very cheap to use - the emphasis is on cost-effective progress

  • low-risk to try - implementations all use common-sense and care

  • guaranteed five different ways - to give you as much safety as possible

...and discussing progress in regular, convenient mentoring reviews to plan how these strategies can best build on each other to amplify your results and speed up your improvements - growth in staff, increase in revenue and/or better profits.

Which is your booster priority?


Five Main Goals: choose your business boosting priorities (click here)

In different situations, you are likely to have different aims in boosting your business.

Start Up: How To Double Your Chances of Success In A New Business...
Half of UK start-ups fail within two years. Day One skills is the biggest challenge.

Steady Up: How To Change The Balance – Make-More-And-Do-Less...
66% of Owners work more than 48 hours a week, 44% work 49 to 60 hours, and 22% work over 60 hours.

Step Up: How To Double Your Profits In Easy Low-Risk Steps...
Profitability is the top concern for Business Owners, keeping 40% awake at night.

Scaling-Up: How To Grow Your Business Towards Double The Size...
Two thirds of SME owners believe scaling up involves more risk than selling up.

Selling Up: How To Double Results - The Best Exit From Your Business...
Two thirds of owner-managers hope to retire by 60, but 82% of those over 56 have no written plan

What You Get: see the full range of support included (click here)

You may be thinking "But I'm already very busy working in my business, aiming for better and trying to avoid the pitfalls..."

All investment has to benefit you more than it costs.
In general, the mentoring, coaching and consultancy industry claims a 500% to 600% return on investment: £5 or £6 back for every £1 you spend – more than paying for itself, so well worth your while.

What you get to help achieve that includes:

1. A written Mutual Agreement
So we're clear about who's doing what.

2. A dozen Preparation papers
To help you get your head around Consultancy

3. Training Input
We bring you new answers to help you achieve your goals.
Our priority is to make useful strategies easily understandable. Information alone does not help – we will encourage the action that follows understanding to make productive and long-lasting changes.
Similarly, some opinion on what is important – what is most relevant and what has most potential to help – can be very useful to guide choices. (Your alternatives are classroom training or extensive reading by yourself - compare them here.)
These skills are real gains - the papers remain with you for later use.

4. Thinking Time
They say ‘two heads are better than one’.
A central role is to offer creative space to think things through.
Discussion can produce exciting new and unexpected creative responses to situations.
New profits often come from new ways of thinking about familiar things – that is innovative processes – as well as from innovative products.

5. Fresh Approach
It also brings insight – a fresh pair of eyes to separate the woods from the trees, spot unused assets, new opportunities or potential problems as early as possible.

6. Enthusiasm
It can help you to get a boost – extra energy to lift your optimism and motivation to see your business-building plans through.
It can be very ‘lonely at the top’, so ‘a worry shared is a worry halved’.
In fact, our meetings can be fun - it helps the creative leap to new plans. Our aims may be serious, but our work shouldn't be solemn!

7. Meeting Notes
To remind you of our creative discussions on how to change things - strategies, decisions, implementation, etc.

8. Structure
Just the fact of having a date fixed for the next meeting can help you discipline yourself to meet the deadline.
In that meeting your own accountability (to yourself really) can be usefully explored to help you tackle personal obstacles like distractions, doubts or tiredness etc.

9. Five Guarantees - to assure you of the best service possible: check them here.

10. A hard-wearing Workbook with the Strategies and room for notes of discussions of their implementation.

Five Formats: choose the best form of support for you (click here)

You can choose how the input is provided from several formats, to suit your circumstances.

One-Off Workshops - The 'Focus Point' - a two-hour meeting just to give you boosting strategies on your priority area.

“I found the workshop that Dave held very inspiring and have since felt very motivated towards my growing business looking into my profits in more detail. I have raised my painting prices to take into consideration the materials, time and effort. I have reduced my material costs by shopping at a cheaper supplier, for example, the same quality but a third of what I usually pay. And I have also begun to take deposits from customers... Thank you Dave.” (Natasha Sibbick, Artist, Newport)

Step-At-A-Time Action – The 'Success Programme' – A modular approach, choosing a topic for three month's work.

“We worked on 25 strategies spread fairly evenly between three Modules: Reducing Costs, Raising Prices and increasing Sales. Later, we worked through a mini-course on 'Selling – the Essential Skills' and then another mini-course for our Social Media, Marketing and Sales Assistant: 'Cold-Calling – The Essentials'.”
(Mark Bate, Bate Brand Communications, Ryde)

Fast-Start One-Day Planning – The 'VIP Planning Day' – An intensive approach, focused on one topic to produce a Booster Plan, based on preparatory work and discussions during the day. Includes Coaching and Advice following on – by email, phone or Skype.

“I found that a short, intensive course of 4 sessions, running through paperwork and ideas on my own, following up the sessions with Dave, was the perfect format for me. I now know exactly what we need to do and am just working through the various tasks that we identified.”
(Angie Linington, Manager at Zara Linington Arts, Lake)

Fully Tailored Service – The 'Premium Package' – three modules for a year's work, prioritising strategies selected from 18 different areas of focus. With 25 strategies selected, each one can make a small change and the combined effect gives large results.

“The regular fortnightly sessions suit me because it is too difficult to take long periods out of a working day, and I hate being over-organised with too much written instruction. Organic discussions that respond to issues and opportunities as they come up feel more productive anyway – everything is immediately relevant. And two weeks later we can check on progress – it's a very reliable system.”
(Toby Beardsall, Beardsalls Stationery and Art Supplies, Shanklin)

Stripped-Back Strategies Option – Fifty pages of 'How To Boost Your Profit Priorities' Strategies Manual. A unique-to-you compilation of 25 strategies giving you the same papers as the Fully Tailored Service, but face-to-face support replaced by phone and/or email support. (Standard cost: £500)

          Would you like to find out more?

Flexible Support for more focused issues...

Stand-alone or added onto Training & Advice packages.


Individual Coaching Discussions: for safe personal development (click here)

Talking over important situations with a trusted coach or mentor - independent and impartial, discreet and confidential.

Personal responses to training input or other development processes, so

  • Competence can be achieved in less time
  • Skills can be applied in wider situations
  • Better decisions about people can be made
  • Greater clarity can be found about people issues
  • Solutions to unusual problems can be created

Or strategies to apply to change situations, so

  • Ideas are moulded to your actual situation
  • Progress is followed up soon afterwards
  • New opportunities are spotted
  • Additional encouragement is provided

Coaching is more flexible, individual-focused and private, compared to classroom training.

"Dave Simon brings a calm and considered approach to business management. Having taken a detailed look at our business operations and carried out lengthy discussions we have chosen strategies to enable us to push the business forward. More importantly Dave has carried out the role of 'sounding board' for the directors. He listens well and has come up with a different perspective on the various dilemmas that confront a growing business. Great value for money!" (Steve Winter, Co-Owner of Wight Fire & Security, Sandown)

One-Off Workshops: for creative group explorations of strategy (click here)

Eighteen Ways To Make More Profit

Public Workshop for Busy Business Owners

“In April 2015 the Isle of Wight was identified as having the lowest growth rate in the country. Profit is essential to pay yourself, to survive the bumps, to attract a buyer and to grow. I believe every Business Owner can make more profit. They just need to find out how.”

This workshop includes:

  • Top Six Not-So-Obvious Ways To Keep Your Costs Down – Without Scaring Staff or Suppliers
  • Top Six Surprising Ways To Raise Your Prices – Without Alarming Your Customers
  • Top Six Secret Ways To Increase Your Sales Volume – Without Spending More On Marketing

"I thoroughly enjoyed Dave’s workshop on 18 ways to make more profit. It was well structured with lots of practical examples to illustrate the learning points. Although there was a diverse selection of businesses in the audience, the content was applicable to everyone present." Alan Limb, BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency

When Do You Want To Double Your Profits?

Open Workshop for Ambitious Business Owners

  • Why Might You Be Interested?
  • How You Can Do This – The Theory
  • The Best Way To Achieve Double Profits – My Advice
  • What Would You Like To Achieve – In Detail?
  • What Can Go Wrong – Appropriate Hesitations
  • Consider These Three Steps To Safety
  • Who Is Most Likely To Benefit? – Factors For Success
  • What Methods Could You Use? – The Practice
  • The Best Method – And The Evidence
  • How You Could Make A Cautious Start

“I really enjoyed your workshop, thanks. I have already been looking at suppliers and making some changes. I'm looking at innovative ways to improve footfall. Regards, Rebecca Blachford" “I just wanted to let you know that I found the recent meeting regarding "Doubling Your Profits" to be very useful and informative. It wasn't too long, just right but was enhanced with the free book you handed out on the subject. This allows folks to review those principles in their own time. Kind regards, Ian Marshall"

Dealing With Difficult Decisions - Private Workshop Some business decisions can be so difficult that they are delayed past the point of sensible. Escalating costs, growing complications and increasingly mixed feelings may worsen things.

Useful methods of working on problems in a calm and considered way can unlock new answers.

Project Work to support strategy implementation...

I can contribute as a particular project as an out-sourced worker, either on a stand-alone basis or added onto packages. This is most useful where a particular development project is needed, but some of the relevant knowledge, skills, experience, contacts and creativity are not available internally.
This approach can help with facilitating a senior group to achieve new ways forward.


Direct Creative Advice: save time and effort (click here)

Retune Your Website's Results – offering an analysis that covers images, colours, graphic design, marketing message, user experience, customer journey, enquiry/purchase productivity, grammar, spelling, etc (but not SEO and other technical aspects) to upgrade your results.

Make The Most Of Your Marketing – copy-writing and proof-reading to draft your adverts, business card, leaflets, quotation/proposal format, evaluation format, and other marketing materials to get the best results possible. Some help:

Performance Enhancement: for specific groups of employees (click here)

Make Meetings Useful – joining staff in visits and meetings to observe skills, strategies and systems to find areas for improvement by training, advice and/or systems development.

Get Better Team Performance – using a published analysis of team roles to advise on gaps and overlaps in teamwork capacities and skills to inform recruitment and team development work.

Sales Skills Boosting – Secret Shopper service going through the purchase process to learn 'from the inside' the impact it has on customers, to provide practical recommendations.

Can I bring these skills and methods to your project?


Mini and Micro training courses to support skills improvement...

Stand-alone or added onto Training & Advice packages.


Upskilling Boosters: for Business Owners (click here)

  1. Essential Skills of Leadership
  2. Essential Skills of Negotiation
  3. Essential Skills of Innovation
  4. Essential Skills of Selling

Skills Boosters: for Business Staff (click here)

  1. Managing Time
  2. Managing Stress
  3. Managing Motivation
  4. Managing Mistakes
  5. Managing Meetings
  6. Managing Change
  7. Simple Selling Skills
  8. Making Safer Savings

“I started my telemarketing training with Dave having never done it before. Within one session I was confident enough to jump in and give it a go, and within a week was comfortable phoning cold leads and starting moving them towards a meeting. In 2 months, we have had 4 book our services, have created 16 warm leads to follow up with over time and my telephone manner lead to all 3 incoming enquiries to book a meeting. Can’t thank him enough!” (Rachael at Bate Brand)

Let me invite you to a Priority Planning Meeting -
no commitment, no cost.