'The Eye-Opener Report' - More Inspiration!

Most business owners want to improve their operations, and have tried many ways to do that.
But they can get too close to the grindstone to see new opportunities – a 'woods and trees' problem. 

A fresh eye can discover exciting possibilities for you to consider:
A survey of your business processes to show you road-block-busting opportunities.

Then your next step is finding practical, low-cost and easy-to-use ways to boost these three relevant targets: 1. increase sales volume, 2. raise prices and 3. cut costs (all while preventing any backfires!). I have hundreds of answers to accelerate your progress...

Would you like a confidential Report to give you ideas on the feasibility of boosting these three aspects of your business?

Your largest area of opportunity.

1. Increase Your Sales Volume (within a fixed marketing budget)

We look for clues in these areas:

1. Website Relevance
Could you tune your content to tempt more potential Ideal Clients to read and click?

2. Early Explanations
Do they help people find you and then transition easily from enquiry to request?

3. First Response
Does your first response to enquiry build trust and encourage conversation?

4. Product/Service Offerings
Is it easy for people enquiring to know which services to ask about?

5. Offer to Meet
Are there ways you could improve your offer to increase uptake and later agreement?

6. Ambience
Do your premises and décor reflect your value message to Ideal Clients to reassure them?

7. Engagement Process
Could you improve your 'contracting' process to increase its success rate?

8. Buying Assistance
Are your staff trained to help clients when they want reassurance before agreeing?

9. Welcoming Process
Could you improve client satisfaction and retention through your initial greeting stage?

10. Reassurance on Security
Which elements of security might help you, and reassure clients on confidentiality issues?

11. Long-term Marketing
Could you do more to become first choice when clients want assistance years later?

12. Low-cost Networking
What might help increase the number of suitable recommendations and referrals?

This is probably your largest area of opportunity – there are so many ways to work on this.

  • But only one third of all marketing activities planned by SME’s are ever completed...

Most powerful changes here.

2. Raise Your Prices (Without Worrying Your Customers)

We can also look for clues on how you could raise your margins:

13. Price Tickets
Can you tweak your stated prices to make purchases more attractive?

14. Special Offers
Are your promotions attracting customers who want to pay you more?

15. Price Changes
Could you explain your price rises differently to get better acceptance?

16. Merchandising
What changes to your product/service displays might increase profitability of purchases?

17. Bundle Pricing
Might there be ways to revise your bundle pricing to give a better profit margin?

18. Pricing Model
Might there be alternative methods that could help both you and your customers?

Pricing is probably the most powerful area of profit-making change available to you.

  • But, only 3% of small businesses pass on the whole cost of their own rising expenses...

Your easiest area for success.

3. Reduce Your Costs (Without Scaring Staff or Suppliers)

This area is usually hidden from public view and so cannot be easily surveyed at this stage.
As a hint of the development possibilities, let us put these possibilities in front of you:

19. Negotiation Skills
Could you save money on your Supplies, or your Staff costs without upsetting anyone?

20. Team Projects
Are there projects that could use dead time, save you money and raise team spirit too?

21. Staff Productivity
Is it possible to reduce absence, reduce staff turnover and increase capacity and results?

22. Cost/Margin Analysis
Is more with less possible? ie reduce costs and make more from what you are selling?

23. Cashflow Management
Cash-flow is King! Could you do more to make sure you get every penny you deserve?

24. Incentives Programme
Could you manage your 'enticers' more scientifically to boost your returns?

This is probably the most surprisingly easy way to make a difference to your profits.
It is the best place to start to improve your business - tackle processes under your direct control.

  • Costs are the most accessible area of finances, but surprisingly, research shows that SME owners typically spend less than two-and-a-half hours a week on cost management.

Get yourself a head-start!

Use an external professional perspective to help you think about the opportunities hidden from you.
This 'two heads are better than one' service is especially useful when you're working flat-out.

At only £67, this is a 'loss leader', and is refunded when investing in a full consultancy programme (three months or more) to help you action imprvements in these areas.

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