'Hidden Opportunities To Raise Your Prices'
(without worrying your customers)



  • "Pricing is the most neglected area of marketing” Peter Drucker, management guru

Pricing is probably the most powerful area of change available to you.

Why Put Up Your Prices?

It may seem obvious... it allows you to:

  • sell fewer Products or

  • absorb more Costs or

  • make more Profit

  • or two of these

  • or all three of these

Since inflation means your costs are going up, you need to raise your prices, too: the sooner you do it, the better!

  • NOTE: research by the Bank of Scotland shows that only 3% of small businesses
    pass on the whole cost of their own rising expenses.

Yes, but... (it's too much of a worry!)

Even though they need to, many business owners immediately worry that raising their prices will put off their customers.
This is an understandable concern, but when your suppliers raise their prices, it's very rare that it stops you buying, isn't it?


Let's find ways to raise your prices that your customers will accept.

It's A High-Impact Approach

Few people know that a 1% increase in price is more than three times better than a 1% increase in sales volume!

  • Rather than waiting until you are desperate, or copying others, lead the market

  • Price can help you develop your brand, making you more attractive to customers

There Are Quick, Easy And SAFE Methods

Reducing costs or increasing sales volumes takes months; changing prices can take minutes

  • Your explanation is vital to keep customers happy - benefit from research to get ahead

  • Most strategies can be implemented in-house, with low-cost and adaptable methods

Use Pricing To Sell More – Profitably!

There is a great deal of choice – explore 50 different strategies to develop your market:

  • You can find ways to sell to customers who would not normally buy

  • Combine several ready-made pricing structures to quickly win windfall profits

The biggest problem is: we don't know what we don't know!

This is often our road-block when we want to improve things:

  • We don't know what is possible, and

  • We don't know how easy it might be to try

That all makes choosing a starting point very difficult!


FREE AUDIT REPORT covers five areas of Pricing:

  1. Make Your Prices As Profitable As Possible
  2. Attract Customers Who Want To Pay You More
  3. Put Up Your Prices Sooner Without Fear
  4. Get The Best Price When Demand Varies
  5. Win A Price-War!

These areas lead to a choice of 62 different strategies so you can be confident about avoiding any upset to your customers.


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