Full-Path Planning: From First Enquiry To Loyal Client

A systematic review of your customer engagement pathway to help you sell more profitably.

  • With optional first-draft writing service

  • Cost and Price recommendations included

  • For first-time process development

  • Or upgrading revision


This approach follows the sequence of steps a prospect might experience.

We’ll recommend ways to improve the choice of messages in your client-attracting process, and explain why.

We can also draft new versions for you to ease decision-making.

Our aim is to make sure that every step is as attractive to your Ideal Customer as possible, and that there are no gaps in the process that would leave a prospect stopped and stranded forever.

And if we can also find ways to reduce your costs, or help you raise your prices, we will recommend them for discussion.


1. Website Performance

Which ways could you tune your content to tempt more Ideal Clients to read and click?

2. Early Explanations

Do you help people find you and then transition easily from enquiry to request?

3. First Response

Does your first response to enquiry build trust and encourage conversation?

4. Product Offerings

Is it easy for people enquiring to know which services to ask about?

5. Explaining Prices

Could you do more to ensure customers understand the great value you provide?

6. Offer to Meet

Are there ways you could improve your offer to increase uptake and later agreement?

7. Ambience

Do your premises and décor reflect your value message to Ideal Clients?

8. Engagement Process

Could you improve your 'contracting' process to increase its success rate?

9. Buying Assistance

Are your staff trained to help clients when they want reassurance before agreeing?

10. Welcoming Process

Could you improve client satisfaction and retention through your initial greeting stage?

10. Easy Payment

What could you do to avoid cash-flow problems arising from this end of the relationship?

12. Customer Satisfaction

How can you prevent social media rants, gain referrals and get good reviews?

Free Five-Point Assessment of your current website performance

This is a place to start if you want to gain more clients through your website:

1. Website speed - to impress Google and visitors: a mathematical indication from Google

2. Google rank - to be seen by people searching: a visual count

3. Google entry - to invite visitors: an examination of the description Google displays

4. First welcome - to impress visitors and encourage them to engage with you:
checking your Uniqueness, Intelligibility, Distractions, Relevance, General Impressions

5. Invitation - to make contact by click or call: checking your Homepage and Contact page

This confidential report is written clearly, honestly and bluntly to be as valuable as possible for you.
If we find good points that need no improvement, we sill say so. If we find problems, we get to the point.