Planning Your First-Enquiry To Loyal-Client Pathway


Assessing possibilities to boost the profitability of your 'First-Enquiry To Loyal-Client' Pathway:

From planning the most profitable scheme through designing ways to attract Ideal Clients to writing the welcome email and building the loyalty-boosting measures for later...

Suitable for:

  • New firms creating their full marketing from scratch

  • Established firms wanting to boost their business in a competitive situation

Working through the whole pathway that enquiries are likely to travel:

  1. Website Relevance – to attract, filter and guide the best clients to the next steps

  2. First Response – to confirm relevance, build trust and encourage exploration

  3. Early Explanations – to confirm the match between what clients want and why you provide

  4. Product Offerings – to make it easy for people to know which services to ask about

  5. Explaining Prices – to ensure customers understand the great value you provide

  6. Offer to Meet – to build a trusting relationship, discuss details and encourage agreement

  7. Suitable Ambience – to reflect your value message to Ideal Clients to reassure them

  8. Buying Assistance – to answer clients questions when they want reassurance before agreeing

  9. Engagement Process – to systematise your 'contracting' process to increase its success rate

  10. Welcoming Process – to improve client satisfaction, cooperation and later retention

  11. Easy Payment – to ensure there are no problems at this end of the relationship

  12. Customer Satisfaction – to prevent social media rants, gain referrals and get good reviews

Consultancy Service

If the audit raises interest in finding cost-effective ways to improve business performance, we can explore suitable next steps according to your priorities. The £100 fee is refundable if the full service is taken up.

The full development advice service is a three to six month project which engages owners, directors, senior partners and managers in establishing priorities, produces a wide range of materials for every step listed above, explains the economic and psychological reasons for designs and training staff in the small changes agreed.