How Can I Double My Profits?

1. Get the right perspective - doubling profits is easier than doubling sales.

2. Choose from three main levers - Sales, Prices and/or Costs.

3. Work on specific areas to make very small changes on those three levers.

4. Aiming for 4% or 5% change in each doubles your profits in most cases.

5. Combine 25 changes as small as ½% at slow pace to build large results.

6. Apply low-cost, safe and easy-to-use strategies relevant to your unique situation.

7. Source them from Classroom Training, Do-It-Yourself Research or a Consultancy.

Read the between-the-lines practical details in my LinkedIn article here.

Using an approach that combines multiple easy-to-use, cheap and quick to implement strategies can get you there – slowly and surely. “ Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs ”, according to Henry Ford.

Using an approach that combines multiple easy-to-use, cheap and quick to implement strategies can get you there – slowly and surely.
Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”, according to Henry Ford.

Where Can I Find Consultancy Advice To Help With This?

Started in 1992, BusinessLink served millions of ambitious UK businesses for a generation. For a brief history and a quick look at the alternatives, see "BusinessLink Has Gone!"

Now, independent consultants are the most accessible source of advice.
Some focus on IT, HR or marketing, etc. Others help to improve the whole business engine.

Check websites of "Business Consultants", "Management Consultants" or "Business Mentors". They may also describe themselves as Advisers or Trainers.

Where Does Dave Simon Start Consultancy?

I had my first shop in 1975.
In my time, I have been a manufacturer, a wholesaler, a retailer, a service provider, a charity founder and director and a very-part-time farmer...

And all the time I’ve had professional jobs or businesses. I’ve been an employee, a supervisor, a manager, an owner, a co-director, a regulator…

I started my own sales and management training business in 2002. I then transformed that into this consultancy as I really like helping people make new connections to speed up, grow, pivot, expand, improve efficiency and enjoy a business they can be proud of building.

I know how difficult it is building your own business - I've done it several times.

I'm based in Ryde, so I can easily pop round to visit you anywhere on the Island and show you the numbers that opened my eyes. You can ask me questions - learn more, understand how all this works. And you can check how comfortable you would feel about working with me in meetings - I believe truly helpful support has to be fun as well as practical.

I also work through telephone coaching, by emailing strategy papers, notes of discussions and drafts of websites, leaflets, policies and other papers when appropriate.

Dave Simon, Consultant

Dave Simon, Consultant



Kym Tims, Hillbans Pest Control Ltd in Ryde -
Dave has been invaluable for our business and we have been extremely impressed. He has provided us with lots of reassurance and guidance  and we would recommend Dave to any business owner!

Google reviews

Sam Abbott, Abbotts Carpets & Flooring Ltd in Sandown -
We have been working with Dave for the past 6 months. He has enabled us to look at many areas of our business from a different angle and given us the confidence to make decisions. Our business is now heading in the direction which reflects what we are striving for. Cannot recommend Dave enough.

Andrew Davies, Director, Kneeshaws Chartered Accountants

Dave has been a great help to our new accountancy business. He has given us lots of useful tips and explained how they would help. He has helped write our new website and documents for use with new clients and advertising. He has encouraged us at each stage to meet our ambitious targets and prompted us to strive further. I would heartily recommend him to anyone who is thinking of using his services.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Steve Winter, Director, Wight Fire Co Ltd

Dave Simon asks some good questions about the way we run our business and takes the time to listen and understand the answers before responding with suggestions of his own. He has a sound business brain, is a good sounding board for new ideas and also discovers ways and ideas to solve problems that we all inevitably encounter when running a business.

Who Is Most Likely To Benefit From Consultancy?

Busy owners of local small and medium sized businesses who are:

  • Expert in their product or service

  • Determined to improve their business

  • Enthusiastic to learn new ways to do that

  • And supported by good team members

88 in every 100 UK small businesses agree they could make more profits than they do.
Extra profits can enhance your security, cashflow, productivity, marketing, etc.

What Do Other Consultancy Clients Say?

“The changes I needed to make were probably smaller than I had imagined.”
(Angie Linington, Zara Linington Arts, Sandown)

“I had originally said to Dave I couldn’t manage any growth, I just wanted to improve profits. But now I’ve shed those assumptions, I’ve been through a seismic change. The horizon looks completely different...”
(Toby Beardsall, Beardsalls Stationers, Shanklin)

“Dave Simon is very encouraging and is able to create an atmosphere which leads to open discussion. It was really exciting to have a forum for discussion totally focussed on our business and its potential.”
(Robert & Ruth Noyes, Lisle Combe, St Lawrence)

“We met Dave through the Chamber of Commerce... He is reliable, enthusiastic, easy to get hold of if we have any questions outside our regular meetings and he tailors his approach according to my businesses needs.”
(Mark Bate, Owner of Bate Brand Communications)

"Dave Simon brings a calm and considered approach to business management. Having taken a detailed look at our business operations and carried out lengthy discussions, we have selected strategies to enable us to push the business forward.
"More importantly, Dave has carried out the role of 'sounding board' for the directors. He listens well and has come up with a different perspective on the various dilemmas that confront a growing business. Great value for money!"
(Steve Winter, Co-Owner of Wight Fire & Security Ltd, Sandown)

"I have been working with Dave for about 8 months. His enthusiasm and outside-the-box thinking has been a revelation. He has worked with me on the things I felt I needed help with which improved my confidence as a business owner and as a staff supervisor. He has suggested cost cutting measures and ways to improve footfall which I hadn't considered.
"And best of all he has been there when I just need to let off steam. Sometimes you don't need answers or solutions, sometimes you just need a sounding board. Dave is truly amazing at this.
"I would recommend Dave's services to any business owner. I can't believe there is a business he couldn't help."
(Becky Blachford, Founder of bebeccino, Newport)

"Dave had called me prior to a company relaunch and clearly explained the services that he could offer: it seemed to me to be a natural time to seek advice for the future of the business. During our first free consultation, his methodical approach and his focus upon what I would like to achieve reassured me that this was a guy that I would benefit from working with! We agreed upon an initial 3 month period of mentoring.
"Most significantly, Dave gave an honest critique of the old company website and suggested that it should be refocussed to a clients' point of view.
"Also his approach to using telephone cold calling to generate new business helped me to overcome a very British reluctance about using this valuable sales skill. He gave extremely valuable coaching on having a professional approach to preparation and instigation of cold calls.
"I’m now much more comfortable in cold calling potential customers, and have already had results with new meetings booked."
(Andrew Wilks,Owner of Big Barn Media Ltd, Shanklin)

“Six months after we started with the consultancy, we had a great month – with sales up 85% on the same month the previous year, despite having lost 4% of our regular customers – but having gained 12% new customers! The result in profit terms? up 4293%.” (Simon West, Manager of Island Office Supplies)

"We have been working with Dave for a few months now and have been extremely impressed with not only his wealth of knowledge of business, but with how much he has researched and found out about our business specifically. hiss papers are easy to understand and act as useful reminders about each session.
He has already provided us with lots of reassurance and guidance and has already helped us a lot in the short time we have worked together. We look forward to future meetings and would recommend Dave to any business owner!"

"Having worked with him for a year now, I can say that Dave always goes that extra mile to support our business."
(Sandra Knowles, Managing Director of Hillbans Pest Control Ltd, Calbourne)

"Dave has positively influenced our business thinking and has definitely enabled us to more clearly focus on our strengths. He has certainly challenged us, but he has always worked hard to help us achieve a clearer way forward as a result."
(Ian Boyd, Founder of Arc Consulting, Sandown)


What Project Work Support Can Help?

ifpl: Marketing Consultancy – to support first major international order

“To achieve success you can’t be as good as your competitor or even a little better. You need to be aiming for higher to get attention. Dave Simon has definitely helped us focus on this. His approach complements our engineering skills and with his creativity we get results!” Geoff Underwood, IFPL

Island Waste: Management Skills training programme – to support new appointees

Strainstall: Sales Training for Senior Management – to increase opportunistic sales

Coastline Windows: Sales Training for Non-Sales Staff – to build teamwork in sales

Biffa: Sales Training for Senior Management – to build market share

Our sales increased ten times in the first two months since we attended your course 'Successful Selling – the Essential Skills'. What changed was our attitude, our determination to tell people how good our service is, and it has made such a difference - we've surprised ourselves! Once we got into the swing of it these new methods have just got easier and easier.

The result is that things have got even better since that first two months - we are incredibly busy and the quality of our service has not changed at all, it’s just that we feel good about convincing people we are the best. I’m pleased to say we are expanding - new trucks adding to the fleet.” Sid West, Manager at Biffa

Spinlock: Negotiation Skills for Purchasers – to reduce purchase costs

Performance In People: Negotiation Skills for Purchasers – to reduce purchase costs

Wightlink: Passenger Safety Consultancy – to manage distressed passengers

BAe: Stress Management Consultancy – to reduce staff absence

Souters: Sales Training for Senior Management – to build teamwork in sales

Southern Vectis: Management Skills training programme – to support new appointees

Garbetts Accountants: Marketing Consultancy – to increase market share

Sandham Office Supplies: Marketing Newsletter Design & Copy-writing – to increase sales