About Dave Simon

I had my first shop in 1975.
I have always worked with people-skills for personal development and better business.

I started my own sales and management training business in 2002. I now have several businesses, making me a wholesaler, a retailer, a service provider, and a very-part-time farmer...

I know how difficult it is building your own business - I've done it several times.

I'm based in Ryde, so I can easily pop round to visit you anywhere on the Island and show you the numbers that opened my eyes. You can ask me questions - learn more, understand how all this works and check how comfortable you would feel about working with me.


About Our First Meeting

This first Introduction Visit is a gentle introduction to the possibilities.
I'll visit you free of charge: you make no commitment at this stage.

I do not pressure anyone to decide quickly. 
If you are clear in your mind that you are committed to improving your business, you are more likely to make more progress.

Our first meeting is to help you explore your Planning Priorities.
To take your business to the next stage, to develop and improve any aspect of it, you need to know what to focus on. 
You need to be clear about your Next Main Goal for it's future - even if you're not sure (yet) how you will achieve it. 

(You can find information on the Main Goals most people want to achieve here - but I suggest you finish reading this little bit first.)

And I think you will want your Main Goal to fit with your overall Ambitions for your business (more on this follows below).

Then we can break your Main Goal down into smaller Priority Areas that allow us to plan a series of low-cost, low-risk bite-sized chunks for you to act on. I bring a list of those areas you might want to improve to the meeting - this planning process is easy.

Identifying those Priority Areas is an essential first step that will help you prepare to boost your business (even if you decide to use another adviser). This first meeting comes with a no-commitment promise, and all my Five Guarantees - click here for details.

We often meet a second time to discuss questions before we get to the stage of saying Yes or No. 

About You

The people most likely to benefit from this service

Busy owners of local small and medium sized businesses who are:

  • Expert in their product or service
  • Determined to improve their business
  • Enthusiastic to learn new ways to do that
  • And supported by good team members

Your ambition is one of the most important single factors for your success.

Download your copy here


'Why Your Own Ambition is Vital for Building Your Business', my six-page white paper, is free.

Please download it with my compliments and use it to reflect a bit on your own ambitions.

Contents include:

  • One Of The Most Important Factors In Business
  • Optimism Makes People Successful
  • Growth Is Not An Accident
  • Passion Prioritises Profits
  • Little Changes Make Big Differences
  • Prioritise Your Sales Activities
  • Optimise Everything Else For Success
  • Set Yourself Magnetic Goals
  • Boost Your Chances Of Success


This is a chapter extracted from my book 'Could You Double Your Profits In A Year?' which is also available as Kindle ebook, $2.99 (approx £2.10; varies with exchange rate). The original paperback is from InkMark Publications at £9.49.


About Other Clients

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