Thank you!

This page confirms that you have authorised a Direct Debit plan at GoCardless. Thank you for doing that.


Here's a brief reminder of what you get from working with me:

  • Mutual Agreement - so we're clear about who's doing what
  • Preparation papers - to help you get your head around this
  • Training Input - lots of new answers to help you improve things
  • Thinking Time - ‘two heads are better than one’
  • Fresh Approach - a fresh pair of eyes to spot new opportunities
  • Enthusiasm - extra energy to lift your optimism
  • Meeting Notes - to remind you of our creative discussions
  • Structure - to remind you to discipline yourself to get things done
  • Money-Back Guarantee - just in case you are truly disappointed 
  • Fun - our work may be serious, but it shouldn't be solemn!

See you soon!